Elsie Skull née Nicholson born 1878     
Chasbeth, Lucas Road

The road outside Chasbeth
Picture from the SWOP website                     Picture from family collection
Reference number HWS : 02569 (the road outside)

We love this house but it’s too big,
We need a smaller place to live,
And with the rumours of a war
I know I can’t take any more
Of all that ‘renting rooms’ out stuff,
The First World War was quite enough,
And if we take evacuees
I know we'll not be put at ease,
Our growing years, my fading health
His money troubles, fading wealth,
Have forced us now to sell our home,
We’ll move to rental, not our own,
Until we get back on our feet
House ownership will have to keep.

Elsie Skull (née Nicholson) was the daughter of Henry Nicholson from Kent and Julia Oryndia Griffits from Aylesbury (Julia was the niece of James Olliff Griffits). Elsie married Charles Arthur Skull and had four children.
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