Ellen Skull née Foster  born 1827   
Oxford Street

Oxford Street
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 04515

Ellen, wife of Walter Skull,
Had a shop where she sold toys
And as she had small children
Was a friend to girls and boys,
She also ran a grocers,
She was busy as you’ll see,
For all the factory workers
Would shop there for their tea.
But the Skulls, a canny couple,
Paid their staff with a coin shaped disc
So their profits they could double
Paying wages using this,
You couldn’t spend it anywhere,
Just in a Skull owned trade
A situation most unfair
Until new laws were made.

Ellen was the first wife of Walter Skull.  She was the daughter of watchmaker John Foster of Liverpool. Her mother was Hannah née Bold, a descendant of the Bold family of Bold Hall, Lancashire.
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