Elizabeth Gibbs born 1812

Oxford Street
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 05554
I was born in Wycombe here,
Likewise the siblings I hold dear,
And though I moved some way away
It's Sarah now with whom I stay,
She asked that I might share her house
Because she's lost her loving spouse,
And I am happy to help out
And visit old friends round about,
(My brother's child, my sister's too,
And also cousins, quite a few),
But home is with my brother Tom
Where I'll return before too long.

Elizabeth  never married.  She moved to London to work in a large draper's establishment and lived with her brother Thomas in London and her sister Sarah (Redington) in High Wycombe. Her brother John Gibbs was the father of Emma Ellen Peace nee Gibbs.
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