Eliza Wane née Brangwin born 1820
Barmoor Farm
(Now Wycombe Air Park)

Barmoor Farm
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 04555

I came from good old farming stock
And I can mark the very spot
Where stood my dear old humble home
Upon the Chiltern’s fertile loam,
No longer farming land you’ll find
But still green swathes of altered kind
For here, where once we tilled the land
The planes of Booker neatly stand,
Of course a plane I knew not of
When watching clouds in skies above
For feathers let the blackbirds fly
Not wooden wings for you and I!

George and Mary Brangwin came from Hambleden.  Their daughter, Eliza, married Isaac Wane from Gloucestershire.  She lived at Barmoor Farm with her parents. It was later sold to the Morris farming family but the farmhouse was later demolished and the land sold to make way for a runway and air training for the Second World War. It was commonly known as Booker Airfield but is presently known as Wycombe Air Park.
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