Eliza Wane born 1841
The Dhoon
Priory Road
The road outside The Dhoon
Picture from the SWOP website                     Picture from family collection
Reference number BFP : 33325 (on the road outside)

I moved here when my husband died,
He killed himself you know,
It's something that we try to hide
It’s not for public show,
We try to manage best we can
And though I feel quite low
My Florence has a lovely man
Who really loves her so.
They have a boy and now two girls
Quite small, blue eyed and blonde
And all have got the sweetest curls,
Of them I’m truly fond.

Eliza moved from Paul's Row after her husband John Wane committed suicide and lived with her daughter Florence Peace (née Wane) and her husband William Peace and their three children.
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