Eliza Clarke née Hunt born 1834
Cressex Farm, Cressex

Cressex Farm
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 04031

If we returned to Cressex now, although we're in our graves,

We'd not believe this hilltop brow for little has been saved,
The meadows are all hiding under builder’s dust and weeds,
Where is the sway of barley, and of wheat ears in the breeze?
Where are the lanes of yesteryear, the farms and woodland views?
If I was asked where Cressex was which gardens would I choose?
For nothing’s left of where I lived except my dear old home
And not a single field remains on any map now shown.
For this was farming meadowland where we could walk for miles
Over fields and pastures, pass hedgerows, gates and stiles.
The scent of summer flowers and the gust of autumn gales,
Mama’s woodland stories and dear Papa’s farming tales.
My Cressex Farm of long ago is now an office base
And everywhere the houses stand where once was open space.

Eliza Hunt lived at Cressex Farm.  She was the daughter of Joseph Hunt whose sister is believed to have married Edwin Skull. Eliza married Daniel Clarke who was a solicitor and a Mayor of Wycombe.
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