Henrietta Watkins née Skull born 1854
6 London Road

London Road
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 12103
My brother is Charles Skull, you know,
Of course I’m not a one for show,
But through his work and via his fame
I’m proud that I once shared his name,
For Skull I was before I wed,
Oh what a happy life we led,
Our father, Walter, did us well
Making chairs that Charles could sell
For all our furniture was sound
And sold for many miles around.
We made the seating for St Pauls
(We do our best whoever calls)
And I have chairs I use today
Constructed in the Wycombe way.
I married Edwin, auctioneer,
And this is where we live, just here,
But life has had it’s sadder parts
We’ve had our loss and grieving hearts
With first my girl and then my son
(Oh mighty God thy will be done),
You'll see within All Saints our plaque
But words won’t bring my son, Jack, back.

Henrietta Skull married Edwin Watkins, an auctioneer (like her grandfather) and an estate agent. They lived along the London Road (house numbers since changed). They lost their son, Charles Robert (believed to have been nicknamed Jack), in the First World War and there is a commemorative plaque to him on the wall. She was the sister of Charles Edwin Skull.
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