Edwin Skull born 1810
Temple End factory   

Temple End
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 33417

Edwin Skull made many chairs,
His brochure shows the range,
And in amongst his saleman’s wares
Were tiny ones most strange,
These he took along with him
To show what he could make,
The back, the seat, the type of trim,
In fact the total shape.
By taking only tiny ones
He travelled fairly light,
Reducing loads by several tons,
The usual saleman’s plight,
His factory site at Temple End,
As picture books will show,
Tells you he had lots to spend
For someone in the know.

Edwin Skull was the brother of Walter Skull.  They appear to have started out in the trade together but then went their separate ways. He had a large factory in Temple End and lived in Canal Side/Frogmoor.
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