Edith Skull born 1876
Eversley, Priory Avenue

Eversley, one house from corner
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 33317

I lived here with my brothers,
I had three sisters too,
My parents rose in stature
Like good chair makers do,
We had a large old factory
Where we could make the chairs,
My brothers worked within it
And would also sell our wares.
My elder brother, Walter, died
When he was still a lad
And  Percy, Charles and Fred were left
To help our grieving dad.
They didn’t get along too well,
Fred left to sell antiques,
And Charles and Percy argued,
For sometimes weeks and weeks,
So when our father left the firm
For his two sons to tend
It didn’t bode too well for us
As neither lad would bend.
And so the firm faced bankruptcy
Unless it could be sold
So Ercolani bought it,
A tale now often told.

Edith was the eldest daugher of Charles Edwin and Georgiana Skull. She married William Martin, bank clerk in High Wycombe, and moved away from the town.
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