Dr William Fleck born 1850   
 39 High Street
The High Street
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 01011  
I am a doctor in this town
And treat the folk from miles around
But sadly if they cannot  pay
I have to send them on their way,
(No NHS to pay their bills,
They have to suffer with their ills).
I like to think I do my best
But many find an early rest,
No cure is there for many things
They suffer what the good Lord brings.
My children, too, have met their fate
And journeyed to St Peter’s gate,
And yet I try my Irish best
To help the needy in my quest
To find a cure for every case
To make this town a better place.

Dr William Fleck came from Ireland. He was a prominent physician in the town and a doctor at the Priory Road Hospital.  His son, James Douglas Fleck, married Charles Edwin Skull's daughter Mabel.
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