Douglas Fleck born 1890
Ercol Factory
Spring Gardens

Furniture Industries/Ercol
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number MHW : 12471

I married Mabel Kingsley Skull,
And lived with her pa and her

For Charles E. Skull, my pa-in-law,
Was now a widower.

We lived with him until he died
And his premises were sold

For Charles E. Skull was, by this time,
Really very old.

I’d been part of his timber trade
For almost all my life

And needed work to carry on
And so support my wife.

I found a job with Ercol folk,
Like many other men,

(Ercolani was my neighbour
so I felt like one of them),

And I progressed there very well
And really felt no shame,

Not like dear Mabel’s brothers
Who were really all to blame.

After the Skull firm was sold due to the squabbling of Mabel's brothers, James 'Dougie' Fleck went to work for Ercolani (one of their competitors).  Dougie lived at Enderley with Mabel and their son, Ian, after Charles Edwin's wife died. The Ercolanis lived next door.
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