Dorothy Reeve née Skull born 1889
22, Rectory Avenue
The road outside
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 37003
I returned from India,
But, oh the dreadful shame,
(Divorce within the family
But I was not to blame),
My brother, taking pity
On my little girls and me,
Said ‘Come, my dear, and stay with us
In dear old Bassetsbury.’
And then we moved uphill to live,
Upon the corner here,
This house along the avenue
A home we now hold dear.

Dorothy and her husband, who was an officer in India, split up after he had a scandalous affair with another officer's wife. Fred Skull, her brother, helped her to buy the house along Rectory Avenue so that she would be able to stay in Wycombe near the rest of her family.
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