Daniel Clarke born 1837
Havenfield, Totteridge Road

Similar house in Totteridge Road
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 39047 (photo of The Cedars, likely to be a similar sized property)

They say you haven’t made it till
You’ve purchased land astride the hill
And so we leave dear Easton Street
And have new friends to meet and greet
As down the hill we walk each day
To do our work and earn our pay.
I’ve left my Arthur down there still
But he’ll move too, upon the hill
For shortly he’s to do a swop
With J.G. Peace, midway from top,
For now that James has lost his wife
So large a house will cause him strife
And so his daughter and my son
Will take their place there one by one.

Daniel Clarke was the son of  Ralph Potter Clarke from Great Missenden, a farmer and builder.  His mother was Eliza Hunt from Cressex Farm. Daniel was a solicitor in Easton Street and his son Arthur married Minnie Gibbs Peace of Castle HiIl House.

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