Charles Skull born 1780
Oxford Road

Oxford Road
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 01158

Thomas Skull, my father, came from Wiltshire years ago
And I‘m an auctioneer now and I live off Oxford Road,
And with my wife, Elizabeth, and all our brood of kids
We liked it here in Wycombe and so settled down to live.
For this was where the industry for making chairs was born
And here were all the timber yards where wood was cut and sawn,
And me, a man with mouths to feed, for I have several sons,
Shrewdly hoped that they might be High Wycombe’s lucky ones.

Charles Skull is recorded as being both a japanner and an auctioneer.  He married Elizabeth Griffits, aunt of James Olliff Griffits.
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