Charles Nicholson Skull born 1908
Trash and treasure shop, 
20, Easton Street

Easton Street premises
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number HWS : 08971

I was a trouble to my Pa,
(Well that’s the way things often are)
He hoped I’d follow in the trade
But once I’d seen how chairs were made
I knew that life was not for me,
So when the factory ceased to be
I’d better ways to spend my time
(I thought the world could still be mine).
Some might say I turned out bad
For I was such a wayward lad,
And girls, I left them in my wake,
I may have been their first mistake,
Love ‘em,  leave ‘em, that was me
I simply wanted to be free
And so I left the town behind
Wedding vows were such a bind,
But there’s still plenty Skulls about
As sure as hell, I have no doubt.

Charles Nicholson was the oldest son of Charles Arthur and Elsie Skull (née Nicholson).  He married Dorothy Keen, a local girl, but later got divorced.
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