Charles Edwin Skull born 1850
Enderby, Rectory Avenue

The road outside Enderby
Picture from the SWOP website                      Picture from family collection (rear)
Reference number RHW : 37002 (outside the gate)

This house reveals its hidden fame,
You'll see it written in the name
Of C.E.S, yes, that's for me
The plaque I placed for all to see
To show hard work can really pay
To buy this house which stands today.
But when I saw new building land
Dear fate then took me by the hand
And showed me that I shouldn't stop
Until I'd reached the very top
And so we moved one final time
To Enderley, so large and fine.

Charles Edwin was the son of Walter Skull.  It would appear that he had 2, Rectory Avenue, built especially for him and a plaque remains on the side wall of the property. The family moved here in 1902 from Priory Avenue but in 1908 they moved to the top of Amersham Hill. it is believed that William and Mary Redington and family, of Harlow House, moved to No 2 after the Skulls had left.
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