Earl Carrington
Wycombe Abbey
Wycombe Abbey
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 01285  
Carrington, the name sounds grand,
Were once the owners of this land,
And they owned acres miles around
Plus many plots within the town.
Castle Hill was one of theirs,
Its tenants those of their forebears,
And land upon its northern hill
Was Carrington for some time still,
Wendover Way and Lilys Walk
Are roads of which the locals talk
But do they know that they are there
To name a son and daughter fair
Who died within their early years
Remembered in these road names here?
So Carrington, in name, lives on
But now own little land if none.

The Marquis of Lincolnshire, Earl Carrington, owned and lived at Wycombe Abbey.  His son, Viscount Wendover, was killed in the First World War.  Lilys Walk is named after a daughter who died young. James George Peace not only rented Castle Hill from the Carrington family before buying it but was reputedly a friend of the Marquis.
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