Bowerdean and Totteridge

Bowerdean Farm
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number  MHW: 12636
I t's not here yet, it's still to come
- The postwar housing boom -
They'd started building houses here
But war came all too soon,
This pretty farm within its vale
Stood not the test of time
But fields survived a yet a while
Beneath the 'For Sale' sign,
But when the soldiers got demobbed
And needed homes to live
High Wycombe in its thankfulness
Had all this land to give,
And so the future overspill
By all our Wycombe babes
Meant building on our meadowland
And little could be saved.

Charles Arthur Skull and his children regularly walked through the fields of Bowerdean Farm to the shops on the corner of Gordon Road and to their furniture factory behind the London Road.
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