Ruth Nicholson Skull born 1918
49 Amersham Hill
Amersham Hill
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 01256

My Ma and Pa, war weary me,
Have moved down here,

Yes, just us three,
With all my siblings married off
(‘I’ll not be next’ I sometimes scoffed)
I went to fight the war myself
Since I'd been left upon the shelf
But just when all had settled down
I met a cousin in the town
And thinking 'Gosh, he’s really nice'
I got engaged within a trice
And so I left my parents here
And moved to Marlow, still quite near.

Charles Arthur and Elsie Skull moved to a flat here during the war.  They later moved to Rydal Mount in Station Road and, later still, to Queens Road (house now demolished). Ruth 'Bobby' Skull married John 'Jack' Peace and moved to Southview Road, Marlow.

Hear Bobby speak (recorded in 2002)

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