Betsy Skull née Hunt  born 1810
Canal Side towards Temple End

Canal Side towards Temple End
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Reference number MHW : 24846

I'm Betsy, I'm a Hunt girl
And I've married Edwin Skull,
We Hunts are big in Wycombe
And our lives are never dull.
We're linked to Clarkes and Harmans
It's a guess who's married who,
We're builders, clerks and wheelwrights
And we have some lawyers too.
You'll find us on the hill tops,
You'll find us lower down,
It doesn't matter where you go,
We're big in Wycombe town.

Betsy married Edwin Skull, she was his second wife. It is believed that her brother Joseph was the father of Eliza Hunt who married Daniel Clarke. It would appear that they had no children.
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