Beth Nicholson Webb née Skull  born 1910
Marsh Green Mill (after conversion)

Marsh Green Mill
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number RHW : 01392  

I lived here once, beside the mill,
I really loved it here until
I’d worked the garden all I could
And sought new goals just like you would,
And so we moved to pastures new
But oh, few places had this view.
The wheel that once was here has gone
With pond that stole my grandpa’s son,
But though it may seem strange to you
That I still love it as I do
I hope that Walter liked me here
And that my presence brought him cheer.

Beth was the daughter of Charles Arthur and Elsie Nicholson Skull.  She married Eric Webb, who became a solicitor in the town, and they lived in many houses around the town due to her passion to 'do a garden up'. Beth probably didn't move here until after WW2.Walter Skull, Beth's uncle, drowned in the mill pond when he was thirteen years old.
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