Ben Taplin born 1835
Corn and Flour Merchant
12, Oxford Street
View from Oxford Street
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number HWS : 02650  
It isn't just the chairs, you know,
That made High Wycombe great
But the paper and the corn mills
Made it big before this date,
The river running through this vale
Brought power to this town
And there were mill wheels turning
Both up the Wye and down.
And with the corn fields swaying
On all the Chiltern hills
There were corn sacks by the plenty
To feed our Wycombe mills,
And so with all this corn around
The dealers set up shop
With Wycombe at its centre
Which explains why there's a lot,
And the Wane and Taplin menfolk,
The Darvills, Thurlows too,
Prospered in the corn trade
Like good corn merchants do.

Ben and Jane Taplin had several children.  Their son Albert Edward Taplin took over the business. Albert
married Lena Beatrice Nicholson, the daughter of Julia Oryndia Nicholson, née Griffits.

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