Arthur Nicholson Skull born 1914
London Road garage

The London Road
Picture from the SWOP website
SWOP Reference number BFP : 04133

My father thought that Charles and I
Would take the business on
But I’d a different point of view
(I was the younger son)
And anyway the firm was lost
And with decision made
I started on a new career
Within the motor trade.
And when this garage came along
I saw my chance to be
The boss of everything I owned
My new-found destiny.

Arthur was the youngest son of Charles Arthur Skull, chair manufacturer, and Elsie Skull (neé Nicholson) .  He started his first garage on the London Road, near Rye Mill, but he later moved to Green Street. He married local girl Doris 'Noel' Wooster but later got divorced.
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