Arthur Clarke born 1867
Solicitors' Office, 89/90 Easton Street  (with bay window)

Procession of dignitaries, Easton Street Easton Street
Picture from the SWOP website                          Picture from family collection (rear garden)
SWOP Reference number RHW : 01164
(Arthur Clarke far right)

We Clarkes are all attorneys,
It’s how our money's made
And by hard work and study
Our food and clothes are paid,
The business that we started here
Has brought us much prestige,
As Aldermen we serve each year
For Wycombe is our liege.

Arthur Clarke was the son of Daniel Clarke.  They were both solicitors in Easton Street.  Daniel Clarke was a Mayor of Wycombe, and Arthur was an Alderman. He married Minnie Gibbs Peace and they later moved to Castle Hill House. Arthur's son, Roly, was also a solicitor and twice Mayor of Wycombe, and his son Tim, also a solicitor, continued in the Easton Street offices until his retirement in 2008.
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