Alfred Oakley born 1831
19 Queen Square
Queen Square
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 03083 
Alfred Oakley was a tailor,
Who did well within the town
For people needed clothing
Both up the hill and down,
Trousers, suits and jackets
Were the sort of things he made
And this constant source of business
Gave a very healthy trade.
Back then there were no chain stores
To mass produce the clothes
So the men went to the tailors
Where the tweed bolts lay in rows,
They chose the type of fabric,
The colour and the pile
Then left it to the tailor
To design the latest style.

Alfred Oakley was the son of Alfred Oakley, also a Wycombe tailor.  After Alfred junior died his wife Priscilla ran a fancy goods shop at 10 Church Street.  She later became the second wife of  Walter Skull, chair manufacturer.

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