Albert Edward Taplin   born 1864
Windycroft, Amersham Road
The road outside
Picture from the SWOP website
Reference number BFP : 05753 (outside the gate)
I run a shop in Wycombe
And I deal in corn you'll find,
My father was a corn man
So I simply joined his kind,
It's not without its pitfalls,
This corn trade in the town,
For the harvest is our guv'nor
Forcing prices up or down,
But we've prospered well within it
And this house in which I'm sat
Is proof of all our dealings
And so that, they say, is that.

Albert  was the son of Ben and Jane Taplin. He married Lena Beatrice Nicholson, the daughter of Julia Oryndia Nicholson, née Griffits.
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